Public Records

Public Access to Agency of Natural Resources Records

Under Vermont’s Public Records Law, the Agency of Natural Resources must provide the public with access to Agency records unless the records are protected from disclosure under specific exemptions in the law.

To submit a request for records under the Public Records Law, please contact the appropriate Agency Records Officer or Liaison:

Records Officers

Department of Environmental Conservation Records Liaisons

  • Air Climate and Quality Division:  Corie Dunn, Doug Elliott
  • Administrative and Innovation Division:  Stephanie Lanphear, Maria Davis
  • Commissioner's Office:  Renita Marshall
  • Environmental Compliance Division:  Megan Cousino
  • Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection:  Helen Banevicius, Mercedes Pinon, Theresa Petzoldt
  • Facilities Engineering Division:  Lynnette Claudon
  • Vermont Geological Survey:  Marjorie Gale
  • Waste Management Division:  Wendy Anderson, Marc Roy
  • Watershed Management Division:  Carole Fowler, Amber Van Zuilen, David Addeo

Department of Fish and Wildlife Records Liaisons 

  • Business Office:  Janet Finn
  • Fisheries Division:  Mike Wichrowski
  • Law Enforcement:  Hope Kanarvogel
  • Licensing:  Cheri Waters
  • Wildlife Division:  

Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Records Liaisons

  • Commissioner's Office:  Kristin Freeman
  • Forestry Division:  Steven Sinclair
  • State Lands Division:  Niels Rinehart
  • State Park Division:  Craig Whipple


ANR Public Record Policies

Policy and Procedures on Access to Public Records (2016)

Central Office Records Management Policy (2014)

FPR & FWD Records Management Policy and Guidelines (2013)

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