Emergency Information

If an emergency situation has arisen, this page will provide information to ANR staff and to the public as needed.

Information for the Public

ANR has no current emergency information for the public.

Information for Staff Members

From Secretary Moore / June 3, 2018 / Re the water damage to Davis 2 at the National Life building

As I expect you have read in an email from DHR, a cubicle on the east side of the 4th floor of the National Life Building (facing the parking lot) caught fire on Saturday afternoon, causing extensive damage to VTrans offices on the 3rd and 4th floors. ANR spaces on the 2nd and 1st floor sustained some water damage, but to a much lesser degree than the floors above.  A copy of the Davis 2 floor plan is attached, with the generally impacted areas indicated.

Work is already underway to dry effected areas and remove damaged floor and ceiling tiles, and clean air ducts throughout. After an initial assessment of the situation this morning by leaders from state government, myself included, it was determined that the work would be greatly expedited were Davis 2 to remain empty for the next several days.

As such, employees on Davis 2 should report to the Catamount Conference room at 9am tomorrow.Employees will have access to their work space for a limited time to retrieve items necessary and should plan to work offsite for approximately one week. Please do NOT arrive before 9am as you will not be able to access to your work space.

The expectation is that affected staff will work from home during this period unless otherwise assigned by their Commissioner.

If you already have what you need to work off-site this week, you do NOT need to report. However, tomorrow morning is anticipated to be the only opportunity to retrieve work and personal items from Davis 2 this week. It is unlikely staff will be given access to this space after tomorrow morning until the remediation is complete.

Agency leadership, HR staff, and IT staff will all be available in the Catamount room tomorrow morning to answer questions and provide support.

Employees in Davis 1, Davis 6 and the Main Building are unaffected and should report to work as normal tomorrow. The only access to the Davis building for the immediate future will be through the North Lobby and travel within the building will be limited to elevators, not stairwells, due to work crews, cleaning and remediation efforts.  In addition, for those who will be at National Life on Monday, please the bring a sweater or something warm. The air temperature is expected to be cooler than normal because the air conditioning will be constantly running.

Please note: ANR staff should NOT attempt to access any buildings on the National Life campus today, Sunday, June 3.



Provided you have internet access and know your passwords, you can access your ANR email, SharePoint sites and the HR/VISION financial services remotely.  

The Human Resources website has information about emergency closing of State Offices and payroll, including timesheet entry.

Access the VISION system for reimbursement requests.

You can also log onto ANR's SharePoint pages remotely.

This Emergency Flyer (opens as a pdf) has information about reporting to work, steps to take in preparation for an imminent weather emergency and places to find emergency updates.



Julie Moore
Agency Secretary

Peter Walke
Deputy Secretary

1 National Life Drive
Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3901

(802) 828-1294