Special Topics

The work we do at the Agency of Natural Resources covers a wide variety of topics. Although much of our work is particular to a single Department (for instance, Fish & Wildlife is solely responsible for hunter education, while Environmental Conservation covers all aspects of monitoring underground storage tanks), there are aspects of our work which cross departmental boundaries. 
Some of these Special Topics of interest include:

  • Vermont Climate Action Commission
    On July 20, 2017 Governor Phil Scott issued Executive Order 12-17, forming the Vermont Climate Action Commission
  • Act 73 Working Group
    Information about and for the Clean Water Fund Working Group as convened by Section 26 of Act 73
  • Interagency Committee on Chemical Management
    Information about and for the Committee created by Executive Order of Governor Phil Scott
  • Municipal Day 
    An annual training spearheaded by ANR providing a wide variety of workshops for municipal officials
  • Act 154 Chemical Use Working Group
    Between July 2016 and January 2017, ANR facilitated monthly meetings of a working group composed of chemical use experts in Vermont. The working group submitted a report to the legislature in January 2017.
  • Climate Change in Vermont
    Addressing climate change is a big priority for the Agency of Natural Resources. Join us!
  • Flood Ready 
    Helping community leaders in their work to avoid damage from flooding, and to become more flood resilient.
  • Invasive Species 
    Aquatic and terrestrial exotic invasive species threaten the delicate balance of nature.
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Takings Permits  
    Under certain circumstances, permits may be issued by the Agency Secretary for the "taking" of plants or animals listed as Threatened or Endangered
  • Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station Decommissioning                                                                                                                                The Agency of Natural Resources is participating in the Public Utility Commission's Proceeding, case number 8880, regarding the decommissioning of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station