Essex Junction Workshop

When Governments Cooperate - State Government Municipal Day


A morning of workshops for Vermont's local officials. Registration is just $15 and includes coffee and pastries.


The 2019 workshop took place on Thurs, Nov 7 from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.


 ANR Regional Office at 111 West Street, Essex Junction


This event took place in the past.


Download the agenda as a pdf

8:00 – 8:30 Registration, Coffee and Pastries

8:30‐ 9:00 Opening Remarks: Intro to Your Regional Permit Specialist and Enforcement Officer
Jeff McMahon (Department of Environmental Conservation)
Gary Urich and David Murrish (Department of Environmental Conservation)

9:00‐9:30 A Guide to Active Forest Management on Town Forests
Ethan Tapper (Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation)
Presentation (PDF)

What does active management of municipal forest resources look like in practice? This workshop will focus on the planning process: how to generate a Town Forest management plan; how to conduct an open, inclusive and transparent public process; and how to increase understanding of forests resources while creating a functional balance between forest uses. Finally, we will discuss how active Town Forest management can demonstrate thoughtful, responsible, modern forest management for our ecosystems and communities.

9:30‐9:45 Break

9:45‐10:15 The Intersection of Municipalities and Agriculture in Vermont
Kaitlin Hayes (Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets)
Presentation (PDF)

Do you have questions about agriculture in your community? What are farms required to do to protect water quality? How do you know if an operation is truly a farm, or if a structure is truly a farm structure? Do you have questions about the 2018 Accessory on-Farm Business Process? Are you unsure what the implications for agricultural land might be when Act 250 is activated? If you are interested in developing and further understanding the relationships between farms, communities, and towns, come and ask Agency of Ag Staff your questions.

10:15‐10:45 Testing Automated Vehicles in Vermont
Presentation (pdf)

Joe Segale (Agency of Transportation)

Is your town willing to help bring self-driving cars to Vermont? During its 2019 session, the Vermont General Assembly approved the testing of automated vehicles, often referred to as self-driving cars, on local and state highways. You will learn about automated vehicle technology and hear the latest on its development and testing around the country. You will also learn about the requirements in Vermont’s automated vehicle testing law and the role of municipalities in the test permit approval process.

10:45‐11:00 Break

11:00‐11:30 Parcel Data
Presentation (pdf)

Tim Terway (Agency of Digital Services)

By the end of 2019, all Vermont municipalities will have had their parcel data digitized, “standardized,” and joined with the grand list. Come to this session to learn about plans for maintaining this parcel data, ways to access and use it, and novel applications now available using parcel data.

11:30‐12:30 Where Land & Water Meet: Wetland, Shoreland, and Lake Encroachment Regulations
Presentation (pdf)

Tina Heath (Department of Environmental Conservation)
Laura Woods (Department of Environmental Conservation)

Join us to discuss real-life scenarios of land use regulation where land and water meet. Both the Wetland Rules and the Shoreland Protection Act come into play when we address development along water bodies. This workshop will cover the history of wetland and shoreline degradation, the importance of natural resource protection, the effects of regulation on new and existing development, and how to navigate scenarios that involve multi-program jurisdiction.