Act 250 Criteria 2, 3: Water Supply



Projects that require a new water supply or changes to an existing water supply likely require a permit from the Agency’s Drinking Water Program. Additionally, the Agency’s Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division reviews projects to ensure project activities will not impact a water supply’s quality or quantity. See also Criteria 1 and 1a – Water Quality and Headwaters.

ANR Atlas Layers

Private wells, public water sources, groundwater SPA, surfacewater SPA

ANR Technical Program

DEC Drinking Water Program 

Criterion Specific Site Plan Information

Well locations, source protection area and/or TNC boundaries, public water system name and ID#

Criterion Specific Narrative Information

Describe activities occurring in source protection areas or TNC boundaries and steps planned to avoid potential contamination from project

Policy/Guidance Documents & Rules

DEC Source Protection Area Factsheets

ANR Permits/Approvals

Construction Permit, Source Permit, Operating Permit, WW/PWS Permit