Act 250 Criteria 4: Soil Erosion



Projects that create an acre or more of earth disturbance require a permit from the Agency’s Stormwater Program. Construction activities are reviewed to ensure projects do not cause water quality impacts and implement adequate erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC) practices.

ANR Atlas Layers

Stormwater Permits (Issued & Pending)

ANR Technical Program

DEC Stormwater Program

Criterion Specific Site Plan Information

Limits of earth disturbance, total earth disturbance square feet, erosion protection and sediment control measures, topographic lines

Criterion Specific Narrative Information

Describe EPSC measures. Describe whether project is part of common plan of development. Acreage of disturbance

Policy/Guidance Documents & Rules

Stormwater Permit InformationVermont Stormwater Rules

ANR Permits/Approvals

Construction Stormwater Permit, Multi-Sector General Permit, or confirmation from DEC Stormwater Program no permit is required