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Scats and Tracks, a Virtual Offering for Elementary School Students


October 29, 2021The COVID-19 pandemic has had many teachers on the lookout for new and exciting ways to teach outside.  Vermont Fish and Wildlife is offering a virtual program for Elementary School classes grades 1-6 designed to get kids outside with their teacher, while also learning about Vermont’s local wildlife.

Scats and Tracks is a 4-week program that gives educators plans and support to lead nature hikes on school or nearby grounds.  Each week’s hike teaches students identify scat and tracks for a different native species, and it is supported with access to a virtual class visit on nature facts from Fish and Wildlife Department experts.  This year’s species are gray fox, beaver, gray squirrel, and eastern wild turkey.

There are two ways for classes to participate, designed to meet the needs of different schedules and student groups: 1) pre-recorded lessons; or 2) live virtual presentations with a department staff member once a week.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife understands that many educators have questions about leading a nature hike of their own.  Staff are available to answer any questions about that portion in advance and to provide tips

The live virtual sessions will take place weekly during January 2022.  Educators that choose the pre-recorded option will receive the video links and additional information in late 2021.

To register for the program, educators should contact Education Specialist Corey Hart by emailing him at, or calling him at 802-505-5562.  Please indicate which option you prefer, school, grade level, and how many students will be participating.  The homeschool community is also encouraged to reach out.