Agency of Natural Resources Launches New Website

The Agency of Natural Resources is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, Aimed to better serve the public, the new site features intuitive links to existing programs within each of the Agency’s three departments in addition to expanded content on available maps, planning tools, permitting requirements, grants, loans, and internship opportunities. Working in close communication with the Departments of Environmental Conservation, Fish & Wildlife, and Forests, Parks and Recreation, and the Offices of Planning and General Counsel, the ANR web team has created a central hub where visitors can expect complete and current information about state-funded environmental initiatives.

In an effort to streamline and simplify available information, the new website prioritizes the most frequently asked questions that the Agency receives while keeping other keywords searchable and accessible. The website also features updates to relevant news items, public meetings and outdoor event notices, encouraging public involvement and promoting avenues for feedback. Seasonal images and clear contact links enable visitors to quickly reach an Agency employee if they have questions not addressed on-line.

“The Agency of Natural Resources needs public support to guide its mission to oversee and manage Vermont’s natural environment,” said Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Deb Markowitz. “By communicating the good work of our programs, providing reliable data and guiding public involvement, our new website has become one of the many ways we promote transparent government and open communication.”

The website redesign began when key members of the Agency’s Outreach and IT teams updated and screened the current list of outlets used to share information. Once categorized and refined, the list guided development of a coherent graphic layout that steers readers using clear headings and concise summaries. Casual visitors and community leaders alike will find contact information and application forms easily accessible, as well as descriptions of outdoor programs for those who want to get outside and explore.