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Who We Are

Respect. Protect. Enjoy. Our Agency motto guides the work of our team of more than 600 people at the Agency of Natural Resources who are charged with protecting and sustaining the health and beauty of Vermont’s forests, waters, and wildlife. We all benefit from time in nature. Every person’s relationship with the outdoors and the natural world is unique. It is therefore essential we protect the health of our ecosystems so that that every person has opportunities to cultivate their personal connection to Vermont’s public lands, facilities, and natural resources.

Work With Us

Now is a great time to align your talent and values and join the incredible team at the Agency of Natural Resources. In 2021 and 2022 Congress signed into law legislation that provides unprecedented levels of federal funding to Vermont for our clean water initiatives, climate action, habitat protection and environmental justice practices. Our team is a source of inspiration in tackling some of the most significant environmental challenges of our time and committed to leading in best practices with our scientific communities, educational programs, permitting and regulatory practices in a more inclusive and participatory manner.  

What Our Employees Say

Here are the key statistics from a recent employee engagement survey about employee satisfaction at the Agency of Natural Resources.


Explore Our Benefits

Our total compensation package includes benefits that are worth about 30% of your salary. We also offer a wide variety of career and growth opportunities, competitive pay, training programs, and more.


Undergraduate and graduate students often use internships to explore their career interests, build relevant skill sets, and make connections in their fields of interest. ANR strives to provide competitive and well-supported internship experiences for students throughout the year. Interns have opportunities to engage in learning experiences that inform statewide environmental initiatives. Internships may be for credit, paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time.


National Service

ECO AmeriCorps: The Department of Environmental Conservation has created a service corps that will place members at host sites dedicated to working with communities on water quality issues.


ANR partners with colleges and universities to advance many mutually beneficial projects. Students have researched the effects of maple sugaring operations on wildlife, synthesized citizen-based water quality data, and developed assessment tools that evaluate the impact of recreation in town forests.

Service-learning is a teaching philosophy that combines service in the community with classroom instruction. Students in service-learning courses focus on personal reflection while developing civic and personal responsibility.

Instructors interested in partnering with ANR to conduct a service-learning course or project, contact Carey Hengstenberg by email or by phone at (802) 595-1632.