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BioFinder is a database and mapping tool for identifying Vermont's lands and waters that support important ecosystems, natural communities, habitats, and species. It was developed by the Agency of Natural Resources and partners to support stewardship and conservation. Updated in 2016, BioFinder highlights networks of forests, streams and other features that together create the heart and backbone of Vermont's landscape..

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New in 2016

The update includes Vermont Conservation Design, a tool for locating the most ecologically important locations on the landscape. This tool examines Vermont at three scales.

·        Landscape scale: Patterns of forests, waterways, and places that connect them into functional networks.

·        Community scale: Natural communities, grasslands, and other features used by groups of  plants and animals.

·        Species scale: Components that support particular species, such as the habitats needed by rare species.

At all scales, Vermont Conservation Design identifies priorities, allowing users to make informed decisions about the locations most suitable for development and those on which to focus conservation efforts. 

What makes Vermont Conservation Design unique is that instead of looking at the landscape one component at a time—wetlands, rare species, large forest blocks, etc.—Vermont Conservation Design takes a holistic approach to identifying the most crucial lands used by these components as they work together to create a functional system. 

Let's get started…

Explore these pages for a better understanding of how the map works.

·        Using BioFinder suggests a process for how to use this tool 

·        Tips & Tricks  gives you an overview of the map and its interface.

·        Interpreting Results  gives you guidance for getting the most out of your research.

·        Creating BioFinder explains BioFinder's science and methods and summarizes how we think BioFinder can help developers, educators, planners and scientists

·        Mapping Vermont’s Natural Heritage is a guide that describes the datasets used on BioFinder, interprets them, and lists possible strategies for conserving them.

·        See the Map is the place to go to explore Vermont's natural heritage.

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The Community Wildlife Program of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department provides technical assistance and support for professional and lay planners in Vermont. CWP helps regional and municipal planning commissions and non-governmental organizations in their efforts to protect wildlife habitat and significant natural communities.

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