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Vermonters Can Remove Junk Cars for Cash and Compliance

Press Release

Vincent Chiorgno, Salvage Yards Program Coordinator
Department of Environmental Conservation

Montpelier, VT, October 5, 2022 – Amid inflation and high prices, Vermonters can make extra cash by removing their junk cars. In 2015, the State of Vermont created the Salvage Yard Rule ( to protect human health and the environment by ensuring the safe, proper, and sustainable operation of salvage yards (aka junk yards). Vermonters with four or more unregistered and uninspected cars or vehicles (or other junk) on their property need a Salvage Yard Permit.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has ramped up efforts to clean up unpermitted salvage yards and to help more Vermonters follow the State’s rules.

“More often than not, Vermonters who find out that they are not in compliance choose to follow the rules. They go on to apply for a permit, remove or donate their vehicles, or register and inspect their vehicles,” said DEC Commissioner John Beling. “We do, however, see cases where compliance is not met, and we need to take enforcement actions, which can include requiring penalty payments.”

The DEC has a few tips for Vermonters who want to follow the rules and get paid too:

  1. Contact a nearby permitted salvage yard ( to arrange a pickup or to drop off vehicles.
    • Salvage yards will often pick up vehicles for free and may offer cash for scrap metal.
    • Remove any trash from vehicles and get vehicles ready and accessible for pick up.
    • Note that vehicles less than 15 years old need the title to transfer the vehicle to a salvage yard. Vehicles that are 15 years old or older do not need the title to transfer.
  2. Use a towing service to bring vehicles to a salvage yard. Towing companies may accept the value of the scrap metal as payment for the towing service.
  3. Reach out to DEC to get help with calling and coordinating the removal of vehicles. Contact DEC Accessible Assistance Specialist, Jackie Peterson, at 802-461-7182 or
  4. Donate vehicles, boats, or campers to Good News Garage ( or Sierra Club Foundation ( and they will pick up for free. Receive a tax deduction as well. To learn more, call Good News Garage at 877-448-3288 or Sierra Club Foundation at 855-337-4377.
  5. Register and inspect vehicles.
  6. Become a permitted Salvage Yard.

If Vermonters do not follow the salvage yard rules, they can face civil penalties. However, prompt correction may lessen the possibility or severity of any enforcement actions.

For more information about salvage yards, permits, rules, and more, visit the Salvage Yard Program webpage ( If Vincent Chiorgno is not available, contact Barb Schwendtner at 802-249-5904 or


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