Diversity, equity and inclusion

Introduction from Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore

Vermont’s natural resources are held in trust for everyone and should be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for all. The Agency of Natural Resources is committed to ensuring that everyone living in and visiting Vermont has meaningful access and equal opportunity to participate in Agency programs, services, and activities and that everyone feels safe and welcome on Vermont’s public lands.   

Every person’s relationship with the outdoors and the natural world is unique and personal, and it is essential that every person enjoys equitable access to cultivate their personal connection. All people benefit from time in nature and from having their identities validated in the outdoor pursuits they love. Everyone deserves the right to be and feel welcome and to enjoy all that Vermont’s public lands, facilities, and natural resources have to offer.  

We are committed to the work needed to engage our state’s diverse population in shaping our shared work. As an Agency, we strive to be inclusive, both leading and supporting important work needed around diversity, equity and inclusion – in our land management practices, in our environmental policies and permitting, and in ensuring our public processes are accessible, equitable and transparent. We look forward to continuing this work with you.

The Agency created this page to provide contact information, offer free accessibility accommodation services like closed captioning and translators, and links to the Agency’s nondiscrimination policies.