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Free Lake Science Seminar Offered June 4

May 27, 2021 – Warmer days and spring flowers are sure signs that summer is coming in Vermont but so is the announcement of the annual Vermont Lake Seminar. Anyone curious about lakes in Vermont is welcome to join this year’s 17th annual Vermont Lake Seminar on Friday June 4, 2021. The free event is open to the public and will run from 9:00am until 2:30pm. At the event, attendees can hear more about lake and watershed science as well as receive practical on-the-ground tips for lakeshore property owners.  

 This year’s seminar, hosted by The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will focus on phosphorus.  

“Since monitoring began in the 1970s, increasing phosphorus trends have been observed in many of Vermont’s lakes, including on lakes considered to have excellent water quality,” said Oliver Pierson, Program Manager for DEC’s Lakes and Ponds Program. “Higher phosphorus concentrations in a lake or pond can decrease water clarity, fuel aquatic plant growth, and cause cyanobacteria blooms. Higher levels can also impact recreational opportunities, property values, and the natural ecosystem.” 

The day will begin with presentations on the sources and impact of phosphorous pollution on water quality and lake recreation.Participants will leave the seminar with ideas they can take back to their lake association or apply at their own property to address phosphorus pollution.Seminar speakers include DEC staff scientists, professors from the University of Vermont, and a lake association member. 

The Vermont Lake Seminar schedule is full of engaging speakers providing information for anyone with an interest in lake science, water quality, and Vermont’s natural environment. For example, a Maine landowner will share his experiences with slow-speed power boats, also known as wake boats. The use of wake boats on Vermont’s lakes and ponds has generated a lot of interest from property owners concerned about increased shoreline erosion resulting from the large wakes associated with these vessels.  

“The Lake Seminar provides an opportunity to empower lakeshore property owners and lake users with the tools to be the first line of defense in protecting lakes,” said Amy Picotte, DEC Lakeshore Manager. 

The virtual format makes joining from anywhere a possibility, and participants can enter to win many fabulous door prizes. The event is free. To attend, please register beforehand at