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Get Outdoors

Whether you're taking an extended solo hike on the Long Trail or spending a weekend with the family at your favorite State Park, getting outdoors in Vermont is always spectacular and restorative.

Getting Active Outdoors

Being physically active can be so much fun in Vermont. With easy access to outdoor activities, Vermont offers something for everyone. The Forests, Parks and Recreation web site has excellent Outdoor Activities and Partners and Resources pages listing organizations that specialize in everything from rock climbing to outdoor education.

Additionally, the Vermont State Parks has specific information related to enjoying Vermont's public parks. 

Accessible Activities

Vermont is proud to celebrate over 25 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have some great places to see, and some good information for accessibility resources.

Wildlife Activities

When we think of Vermont, many of us envision beautiful mountains undulating under a blanket of colorful fall foliage.  But don't forget to look for the abundant wildlife living amongst those trees, soaring above those mountains and sustained by the streams tumbling down towards our lakes and rivers.

Family Activities

You hear it all the time, children who spend time outdoors reap tremendous physical and psychological benefits just by getting out and connecting with nature.  But it's not just kids who profit from better emotional equilibrium and physical health - adults do, too!  If you're looking for ideas to get your whole family outside, here are a few suggestions.

Other Resources

  • Vacation Vermont - Learn about Vermont’s best attractions through the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing website.
  • Vermont Outdoor Guide Association - VOGA is an independent directory of outdoor services and adventure travel resources in Vermont.