Agency of Natural Resources Proposed Budget

Each year, ANR financial staff prepare a variety of reports required for legislative budget presentations to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. These presentations usually take place starting in early February. The reports and supplementary information are available below. A budget book is prepared for the Agency's Central Office and each of it's three Departments. Usually in the spring the legislature passes a final version of the Vermont state budget, the Appropriations Bill, which will then be posted on the Legislative website.

Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) Budget Information for ANR and Individual Departments

Agency of Natural Resources Central Office (pdf)
Dept. of Environmental Conservation (pdf)
Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation (pdf)
Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (pdf)


For budget information from prior fiscal years, please contact an ANR Financial Director listed below.


ANR Financial Contacts

Director, ANR Management Services Emily Byrne 802-477-2304
DEC Financial Manager Tracy LaFrance 802-498-7074
F&W Financial Manager Steve Gomez 802-595-0797
FPR Financial Manager Kristin Freeman 802-522-0730