Colchester Company Endangered Public and Environmental Health by Unlawfully Managing Septic Waste



MONTPELIER – The Agency of Natural Resources announced today that Enviro Tech of VT Septic Services, LLC of Colchester was fined $58,550 for unlawfully managing septic waste for over a decade.

Many Vermonters live outside areas served by municipal sewer lines, relying instead on septic systems. Commercial waste haulers provide essential services to these Vermonters by managing septic, solid, and hazardous wastes that can be difficult and impractical for individuals to manage on their own. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) supports and regulates waste management companies to make sure they are handling and transporting waste safely. To do this, the DEC requires commercial solid waste haulers to maintain a Waste Transporter Permit and submit quarterly reports detailing the amount of septic tank waste managed. 

“Vermonters put a lot of trust in our waste haulers, and it’s up to these professionals to maintain that trust by meeting environmental and public safety standards,” says Emily Boedecker, DEC Commissioner. “When haulers don’t get their Waste Transporter Permit, they’re taking a big risk by endangering Vermonter’s health and our natural environment. This permit is our way of helping the waste haulers conduct their business in a way that protects public health and the environment.”

One hauler recently lost public trust by unlawfully transporting and storing septic waste. Enviro Tech of VT Septic Services, LLC has not had a valid Waste Transporter Permit since 2006, yet transported and delivered nearly 4 million gallons of septic waste to wastewater treatment facilities in Vermont between 2012 and 2017, and temporarily stored solid waste on the company’s Colchester property on multiple occasions. During this time, the company also failed to submit quarterly reports of waste management activities and associated fees. Avoiding years of regulatory oversight and management fees gave Enviro Tech of VT an economic advantage over others in the industry and allowed the company to earn wrongful profits.

After the Agency discovered the violations and put Enviro Tech of VT on notice, the company made partial efforts to secure the required permit and address unpaid fees. However, the company’s continued failure to return to compliance prompted the Agency to seek a judicial order from the Vermont Superior Court’s Environmental Division requiring the company to cease hauling solid waste until the successful renewal of its Vermont Waste Transporter Permit. The court order also requires submission of outstanding reports and fees, and assesses a $58,550 penalty for the violations. 

Industry professionals can find guidance and educational resources, as well as permit and reporting requirements on DEC’s Waste Management and Prevention Division website. Additionally, Vermonters can find a list of permitted solid waste transporters and information for maintaining their septic systems. For more information, visit