Clean Water Series: Next Lecture to Highlight New Stormwater Three-Acre General Permit

January 4, 2021 – The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) invites the public to join them for a monthly virtual series highlighting efforts to protect and restore water quality in Vermont. Efforts to improve water quality provide many additional benefits- protecting public health and safety, increasing flood resiliency, supporting outdoor recreation, and enhancing wildlife habitat. 

On January 7, 2021, from 12:00-1:00 PM, DEC’s Stormwater Program Manager Padraic Monks will host a virtual event to provide information on the Stormwater General Permit 3-9050. This permit is commonly referred to as the “Three-Acre General Permit.” It went into effect on December 1, 2020. The permit requires improved stormwater treatment at sites with three or more acres of impervious surfaces (such as roads, roofs, and parking lots) that were previously unpermitted or permitted before 2002. Padraic will talk about the importance of the General Permit for restoring water quality and its requirements, as well as provide helpful information for affected landowners on how to design, install, and fund stormwater infrastructure to comply with the permit.

“The Three-Acre General Permit is an essential component of our overall effort to address the impacts of stormwater from existing developed lands and it completes our overall strategy as adopted by the Vermont Clean Water Act. It will require a big lift on the part of businesses, homeowners, and schools and, as such, the DEC is committed to providing as much assistance as possible,” said Padraic Monks.

The Three-Acre General Permit is required as part of the State of Vermont’s implementation plan to reduce phosphorus pollution and restore Lake Champlain and other waterbodies. The pollutant reduction targets are referred to as Total Maximum Daily Loads, or “TMDLs.” The Lake Champlain TMDL requires a 20 percent reduction in stormwater-related phosphorus from developed lands. Landowners play an important role in accomplishing this goal. 

The Clean Water Series is open to the public. Anyone interested in attending the Series can register online at: Subscribe to our Clean Water Newsletter for updates on future events at: All lectures will be recorded and uploaded to DEC’s YouTube Channel at: To request accommodations to participate in the Clean Water Series, please email