Manufactured Housing Community Solutions

ARPA Funding Overview

Many manufactured housing communities (also known as mobile home parks) in Vermont struggle to provide clean and adequate drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and drainage systems. The Governor has proposed allocating $15 million in ARPA support to provide technical and financial assistance to remedy those challenges and support safe, affordable housing. The General Assembly has appropriated $3.25 million for this effort for state fiscal year 2022. This funding will provide grants to improve living conditions for people in manufactured housing communities and help residents follow Vermont’s environmental regulations. Grants can be used to complete a needs assessment, receive technical assistance, and cover construction costs necessary to implement water infrastructure solutions. 

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For-profit (private), non-profit, and cooperatively owned manufactured housing communities can apply for funding through a competitive grant program for technical assistance, design, and permitting and construction. Eligible project types include drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure improvements. 

Eligible projects

  • Needs assessments of manufactured housing communities for future water / wastewater projects
  • Technical assistance / engineering for supported water / wastewater construction projects
  • Water source redevelopment / installations
  • Connections to municipal water / sewer projects
  • Installation / repair of on-site wastewater systems
  • Stormwater retrofits, installations, and developments
  • Improvements to site drainage including moving sites out of floodplains / river corridors. 
  • Water supply distribution system installations / repairs
  • Wastewater collection system installations / repairs

Funding allocation

This funding will provide manufactured housing communities with needs assessment services via a state-administered contract. The needs assessment and technical assistance work can be used to supplement a future grant proposal in a subsequent year for the individual manufactured housing community

These grants and services will support an eventual construction grant application. Funding in subsequent years would focus on construction projects.

Equity Considerations

This funding is targeted at providing water infrastructure grants to manufactured housing communities to invest in healthy, reliable infrastructure to address drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and drainage issues, resulting in healthier, more resilient living spaces for residents in manufactured housing communities, a historically underserved group in Vermont. 

Manufactured housing communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental justice issues in Vermont. According to the Vermont Rural Environmental Justice Opportunities Informed by Community Expertise (REJOICE), during Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, 40% of those impacted by Irene were manufactured housing community residents, even though these residents only make up 8% of the state’s population. 

Research has shown that Vermonters, particularly low-income Vermonters, have disproportionately experienced increased impacts from COVID-19 compared to the general population of Vermont and the US.  Additionally, manufactured housing communities typically represent a number of low-income Vermonters. 

By focusing efforts on manufactured housing communities through technical assistance, needs assessments and construction grant programs, Vermont is providing direct relief and technical and financial assistance to a demographic of Vermont’s population that have historically been underserved, under-represented, and overburdened. 

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Other complementary funding sources include the USDA. More Information on existing funding and technical assistance for water infrastructure projects.