Wildlife Ecology and Forest Management at Andrews Community Forest


August 28, 2020

Join Ethan Tapper, Chittenden County Forester, and Andrea Shortsleeve, Wildlife Biologist for Vermont Fish and Wildlife, on Tuesday, September 15 for a virtual presentation on Vermont’s wildlife, wildlife ecology and forest management focusing on the Andrews Community Forest, a public, conserved property owned by the Town of Richmond.

This event is co-sponsored by Vermont Coverts and the Richmond Free Library and will explain how an upcoming forest management project on this property is expected to influence wildlife habitat and behavior.

Andrea will discuss how the Andrews Community Forest fits into the larger forested landscape and how wildlife uses these conserved forest blocks to move through the state.  She will cover habitats, unique features found on the property and how the proper management of those features can benefit wildlife --- from bumblebees and salamanders to black bear and wild turkeys.

Ethan will discuss the forest management project at the Andrews Community Forest starting this summer and early fall.  This project has the goals of increasing the health, diversity and resilience of forests on the property and demonstrating responsible, ecological forest management.  Ethan is particularly interested in how we can manage forests for greater complexity and how active management can help Vermont’s relatively young forests be more like old forest.

Bring your wildlife, habitat management and forestry questions, both general and specific to the Andrews Community Forest, for a Q & A session after the presentation.

This event is one of a series of virtual events and learning opportunities designed to help the public engage and learn about this work in the midst of the pandemic.  You can learn more about these learning opportunities by emailing Ethan at ethan.tapper@vermont.gov, signing up for his mailing list, or staying tuned to the Andrews Community Forest playlist on the Chittenden County Forester YouTube Channel.


The Andrews Community Forest is a 428-acre conserved property owned and managed by the Town of Richmond since 2018.  The Forest Management Plan for the property can be read here: http://www.richmondvt.gov/boards-minutes/conservation-commission/richmond-town-forest/