Drinking Water Week May 3 - 9, 2015

The Vermont Drinking Water Week Committee is pleased to be celebrating National Drinking Water Week with an all-day Drinking Water Fair for close to 200 4th-6th grade children at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT on Friday May 8, 2015. Winners of our Annual Poster & Photo Contest highlighting this year’s theme, What do you know about H2O?, will be recognized during the Fair.        

Every day, thousands of Vermonters turn on their faucets but give little thought to the water that flows out. How does water get from its initial source, through the treatment process and then out of the faucet? Also, who are the professionals that are responsible for treating and distributing drinking water? What federal and state organizations regulate and set laws to protect our drinking water supply? Discovering the answers to these important questions is a valuable part in understanding our drinking water.        

Vermont’s water systems are critical to maintaining public health, economic vitality, fire protection and quality of life. However, current trends in population, economic growth, energy, climate and pollution are affecting water usage, and the critical infrastructure the systems rely on needs to function properly.        

“Protecting Vermont’s drinking water is a job we all share,” said David Mears, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation. He continued, “I could not be more pleased that the volunteers with the Vermont Drinking Water Week Committee are taking the time to help our children learn how they benefit from clean water and what they can do to protect this shared resource now and into the future.” Governor Peter Shumlin signed a Proclamation on April 14, 2015 designating May 3-9, 2015 Drinking Water Week. Make Every Week Drinking Water Week.        

About the Vermont Drinking Water Week Committee and Fair

The Vermont Drinking Water Week Committee is a 501(c)(3) donation-supported, volunteer-run organization of water professionals and interested citizens dedicated to raising water awareness. At the Fair, students are exposed to myriad hands-on drinking water activities designed to stimulate thought and conversation about drinking water, its role in our lives and the impact our activities have on it. Vermont has been celebrating National Drinking Water Week for over 35 years. Find out more information at http://www.vtdww.org/.

For Further Information please contact:

Ashley Lucht at 802-585-4904 or email to vermontdrinkingwaterweek@gmail.com