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Act 250

Act 250 is a land use and development law administered by the Natural Resources Board (NRB), an entity of Vermont state government separate from the Agency of Natural Resources. Nine District Environmental Commissions review Act 250 applications and issue decisions and land use permits. Coordinators for each Commission work out of regional offices around the state, often co-located with Agency offices.   Act 250 permit information is available to the public through the NRB's Act 250 Database.

As a party in Act 250 proceedings, the Agency of Natural Resources reviews and comments on Act 250 applications.  The following pages describe the Act 250 criteria the Agency typically reviews and comments on, information needs and sources related to those criteria, and related Agency permits.   

If you have questions regarding information related to the Act 250 criteria below, or a complex project that involves multiple Agency programs,  please reach out to the Agency's Planning Office at or 802-828-1295, or directly to one of our planners below to assist with coordination of the project's review: