Act 250


Nine district commissions review Act 250 applications and issue decisions and land use permits. Coordinators for each Commission work out of regional offices around the state. 

Act 250 is administered by the Natural Resources Board (NRB). The NRB is independent from the ANR, although ANR is a statutory party to the Act 250 process.  Permit information is entered into a database and documents associated with a project are scanned. This information is available to the public through the Act 250 database. Currently, the database only contains information associated with permit applications received after January 1, 2002. The NRB is working towards having earlier permit information accessible through the database but until then, this information can only be obtained through the Act 250 District Offices.

Act 250, Vermont's land use and development control law, considers a development's effect on:

  • town & regional plans
  • necessary wildlife habitat
  • town & regional growth
  • primary agricultural soils
  • municipalities & governmental services
  • historic & archeological sites
  • energy & water conservation
  • air & water quality
  • streams & shorelines
  • educational facilities
  • public investments
  • endangered species
  • soil erosion
  • utilities
  • waste disposal
  • water supplies
  • wetlands
  • floodways
  • forest soils
  • transportation
  • aesthetics
  • natural areas
  • earth resources

The first digit of the application number indicates the district where a project is located. District Coordinators can answer questions about specific projects or general questions about Act 250.

As of January 31, 2005 all appeals from District Environmental Commission (Act 250) decisions and District Coordinator Jurisdictional Opinions will be heard by the expanded Environmental Court. All appeals from permitting decisions of the Agency of Natural Resources will also be heard by the Environmental Court, as well as local land use decisions.

Julie Moore
Agency Secretary

Peter Walke
Deputy Secretary

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