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Procedures and Guidance Documents

The Agency of Natural Resources maintains a compilation of official current procedures and guidance documents in compliance with 3 V.S.A. § 835. Use the index below to locate and review guidance documents from the agency and its departments: Department of Environmental Conservation; Department of Fish and Wildlife; and Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. 


Table data
Title Effective Date Type Department/Division/Program
Boil Water Notices October 8, 2018 Procedure Public Drinking Water Program
Boundary Line Blazing Procedures for Contracted Surveyors January 1, 2000 Procedure Lands
Boundary Line Maintenance March 31, 2017 Procedure State Lands
Buffer Zone Adjustments February 26, 2021 Guidance Wetlands Program
Bulk Water Hauling March 28, 2014 Guidance Public Drinking Water Program
Central Office Records Management Policy January 26, 2018 Policy Secretary's Office
Certification to Operate a Chainsaw for the Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation January 1, 2021 Procedure State Lands
Clean Water Initiative Funding Policy September 26, 2023 Policy Clean Water Initiative Program
Clean Water Intiative Program Spending Plan June 22, 2023 Procedure Clean Water Initiative Program
Clean Water Service Provider Guidance Chapter Eight – Data Management March 9, 2023 Guidance Clean Water Initiative Program