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Procedures and Guidance Documents

The Agency of Natural Resources maintains a compilation of official current procedures and guidance documents in compliance with 3 V.S.A. § 835. Use the index below to locate and review guidance documents from the agency and its departments: Department of Environmental Conservation; Department of Fish and Wildlife; and Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. 


Table data
Title Effective Date Type Department/Division/Program
Conserving Vermont's Natural Heritage - A Guide to Community-Based Planning for the Conservation of Vermont's Fish, Wildlife, and Biological Diversity January 1, 2013 Guidance Wildlife
DEC Incoming Mail Procedure August 28, 2023 Guidance Administration and Innovation Division
DEC Personally Identifiable Information Policy May 1, 2019 Policy Administration and Innovation Division
DEC Policy for Acceptance of Gifts, Donations or Small Grants under $5,000 January 1, 2019 Policy Administration and Innovation Division
DEC Procedure for Access to Private Property February 22, 1995 Procedure Department of Environmental Conservation
DEC Recruiting and Hiring Manual October 11, 2023 Guidance Administration and Innovation Division
Decommissioning Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities January 27, 2011 Procedure Air Quality & Climate Division
Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division Fees June 13, 2017 Guidance Wastewater Systems & Potable Water Supplies Program
DWGPD: Accounts Receivable Collections Procedure June 6, 2018 Procedure Public Drinking Water Program
Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report Tip Sheet May 2, 2017 Guidance Wastewater Program