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Procedures and Guidance Documents

The Agency of Natural Resources maintains a compilation of official current procedures and guidance documents in compliance with 3 V.S.A. § 835. Use the index below to locate and review guidance documents from the agency and its departments: Department of Environmental Conservation; Department of Fish and Wildlife; and Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. 


Table data
Title Effective Date Type Department/Division/Program
A Guide to River Corridor Easements April 2, 2010 Guidance Rivers Program
Acceptable Management Practices July 29, 2019 Guidance Forestry
Agency of Natural Resources Standards for Title Work For Land Acquisition Projects December 1, 2021 Guidance Lands
AID Procedure on the Security of Personally Identifiable Information January 1, 2019 Procedure Administration and Innovation Division
All Terrain Vehicles June 7, 1993 Policy State Lands
Alternative Toilet Guidance June 25, 2008 Guidance Wastewater Systems & Potable Water Supplies Program
Application and Petition Review Guidance February 1, 2022 Guidance Wetlands Program
Approved Disinfection Methods for Personally Harvested Fish Eggs December 20, 2019 Guidance Fish
Basis of Final Design Guidance Document January 1, 2000 Guidance Wastewater Program
Best Management Practices for Resolving Human-Beaver Conflicts in Vermont August 1, 2002 Guidance Wildlife