Municipal Day

State Government Municipal Day

Virtual Municipal Day 2021

In these times of social distance and new norms, the need for collaboration between municipal and State governments remains just as important as ever. That's why we've created virtual Municipal Day 2021. The free online experience offers 17 informative videos  intended to help new, and not-so-new, municipal officials learn about ANR’s work and the tools available to help communities. While trainings are specifically tailored to municipal officials, any community member who would like to learn more about natural resource management in Vermont is invited to participate.

Training topics range from invasive species to recycling laws to dam safety. Tutorials will help you learn how to use tools such as the Permit Navigator, BioFinder and the Clean Water Projects Explorer. One video even shows you how to clean a bat house. A visually engaging platform known as a StoryMap has been used to combine stunning photographs, instructional video trainings and, in one case, music to showcase a sample of what ANR has to offer.

Join the the 2021 Virtual Municipal Day 

If you have questions about this event, contact or call (802) 828-1294.

Workshop agendas from previous years