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Site Restoration



  • The investigation required by the MOU was performed by Haley & Aldrich for NorthStar and is available for downloading here.
  • A soils management plan has been reviewed and approved; and is available here.

Current Site Work 

  • NorthStar has mobilized heavy equipment to the site and a rail spur to the property has been re-built in order to use to haul demolition debris and waste off site.  A covered, temporary loading facility has been erected so that rail cars can be loaded under cover for waste shipment.
    • The Construction Office Building has been demolished and the demolition debris was disposed of in a construction and demolition debris landfill in New Hampshire. This building was used for the plant cafeteria and office; no hazardous or radioactive materials were ever used in the building. The cooling towers have been demolished and the demolition debris disposed of off-site. 
    • Interior asbestos inspection and abatement work is ongoing at the Advanced Off Gas Building and the Turbine Building as they are prepared for demolition.
    • A soil management plan has been approved to ship ~15,000 yd3 of soil contained in two soil stockpiles generated from previous on site construction projects.  Soil samples contained low levels of semi-volatile compounds, total petroleum hydrocarbon and 4,4-DDT.  This soil will be use to shield low-level radioactive waste rail shipments destined for the Waste Control Specialists (WCS) facility in Andrews, Texas.  This soil will also be disposed of at WCS.
    • The second round of groundwater sampling was completed and split samples were collected under State contract by ATC Group Services. These samples will be analyzed at an independent laboratory and compared with results reported by Haley & Aldrich.

Final Site Protocols

This protocol has been adopted by Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont Department of Health and NorthStar, pursuant to the Docket 8880 MOU, paragraph 5(k), to facilitate coordination among ANR, VDH, and NorthStar in the performance and oversight of post closure work at the Vermont Yankee site.  The protocol addresses information sharing; site sampling; conducting site visits and inspections; site characterization, remediation, and site restoration; and notifications | Final Site Protocols