Act 250 Criterion 1G: Wetlands


The DEC Wetlands Programs reviews projects for impacts to Class I and II wetlands and their associated buffers. Projects that pose impacts to jurisdictional wetlands or buffers require a permit from the Program, unless the impact qualifies as an allowed use under the Vermont Wetland Rules.

ANR Atlas Layers

Vernal Pools (confirmed & unconfirmed), Wetland Projects, Wetlands – VSWI, Wetland Advisory Layer, hydric soils

ANR Technical Program

DEC Wetlands Program

Criterion Specific Site Plan Information

Delineated wetland and wetland buffers, wetland classifications, delineation date (must occur within 5 years), consultant name, impact area and square feet of impact within wetland/buffer remaining after demonstrating avoidance/minimization measures, EPSC measures, study area

Criterion Specific Narrative Information

Describe activities occurring in wetland and wetland buffers (existing, proposed, construction, ongoing operations/vegetation management), proposed steps to avoid, minimize and mitigate impacts (plantings, restoration etc.) to wetlands. Include delineation date.

Policy/Guidance Documents & Rules

Vermont Wetland Rules 

Wetland Allowed Uses and Best Management Practices

ANR Permits/Approvals

Wetland Permit or confirmation from Wetland Program no permit is required.