Act 250 Criterion 9K: Public Investment


Projects that occur on or adjacent to State owned lands or investments may have the potential to affect these properties. Projects are typically reviewed to ensure there are no aesthetic impacts, or impacts that would affect natural resources and operations on state owned properties.                                

ANR Atlas Layers

Managed lands (DFW), Managed lands (FPR), Environmental Conservation managed lands, River Corridor Easement

ANR Technical Program

DFW Wildlife Program, FPR Lands Division

Criterion Specific Site Plan Information

State land property boundaries, full extent of activities (construction, operation etc.) occurring on state lands, and locations of activities that are adjacent to or bordering state lands

Criterion Specific Narrative Information

Description of project activities occurring on, in proximity to, or in clear view of state lands. Describe aesthetic (noise, viewshed) and other potential impacts. 

ANR Permits/Approvals

Signature on application from appropriate Department Commissioner, or designee, if State is a co-applicant (project is occurring on State Lands)