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Act 73 Clean Water Fund

2017 Act 73 Working Group on Water Quality Funding

The General Assembly passed Act 73 in the spring of 2017, which included a mandate to the Agency of Natural Resources to form a working group “to develop recommendations for equitable and effective long-term funding methods to support clean water efforts in Vermont.”

Section 26 of Act 73 states: “On or before November 15, 2017, the Working Group on Water Quality Funding shall submit to the General Assembly a summary of its activities, an evaluation of existing sources of funding, and draft legislation to establish equitable and effective long-term funding methods to support clean water efforts in Vermont.”

Final Report

The Final Report of the Act 73 Working Group (posted Nov 15, 2017)

Draft Reports

The Updated Draft Report (posted Nov 11, 2017) 

The Draft Report (posted Oct 18, 2017) - Public comments on this report were due Nov 1, 2017

Public Comments Received - Please note comments received as text in the body of an email have been compiled into one pdf for the sake of readability.  Email and postal addresses were removed but comments are otherwise unedited.  Files will open as a pdf.

Log of Comments Received
Combined Comments from multiple individuals and organizations
Joint Comments from Municipal Stormwater Staff (Colchester, South Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Williston)
Joint Comments from Environmental Groups (VNRC, LCC, VCV, Conn River Conservancy, Sierra Club, LCI)
Joint Comments from AAFM/ANR Agricultural Staff 
Chittenden County RPC
Rutland City Public Works
Vermont State Treasurer
Vermont League of Cities and Towns
Alternative Working Group Recommendations

The members of the Working Group are:
(1) the Secretary of Natural Resources or designee;
(2) one member from the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, appointed by the Board of Directors of that organization;
(3) the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets or designee;
(4) a representative of the Vermont Center for Geographic Information;
(5) the Commissioner of Taxes or designee;
(6) one member representing commercial or industrial business interests in the State, to be appointed by the Governor, after consultation with other business groups in the State.

The Working Group shall be supported by an Advisory Council, which shall meet no fewer than three times.

Working Group Meeting on June 28, 2017

Working Group Meeting on July 14, 2017
Agenda and Handouts

Working Group Meeting on July 28, 2017
Letter: Sen. Bray to Sec. Moore re Act 73 Working Group
Handout: Administrative Options for Parcel or Impervious Surface Stormwater Fee

Working Group Meeting on August 11, 2017 
Handout: Letter from Sec. Moore to Sen. Bray
Handout: Memo from Jeff Wennberg
Handout: VLCT Estimated Cost of Establishing Separate Billing System for Stormwater Fees
Handout: Tax Department Memo, “State Property Tax Administration: Considerations & Questions”
Handout: Treasurer’s Report Annualized 20-year Tier 1 costs broken out by sector and landowner

Working Group Meeting on August 25, 2017
Handout: State of Vermont Budget
Handout: Water Quality Funding Report Table of Contents
Handout: VCGI Memo

Advisory Council Meeting on September 8, 2017
Presentation (opens as a pdf)

Working Group Meeting on September 22, 2017
Draft Minutes 
Presentation (opens as a pdf) 
Handout: Letter to Sec Moore re Concept Paper on Clean Water Authority

Advisory Council  and Working Group Meeting on October 18, 2017
Draft Minutes 
Draft Report (Oct 18, 2017 version)

Working Group Meeting on November 3, 2017
Meeting to take place 9 - 10:30 am at the main ANR offices in Motpelier
Draft Minutes

Working Group Teleconference on November 13, 2017

Review Draft Report (Oct 18, 2017 version)

Advisory Council Meeting on November 14, 2017

Review Updated Draft Report (Nov 11, 2017 version)

Working Group Meeting on December 7, 2017 


For Questions, contact:

Rebecca Ellis, Deputy Commissioner, VT Department of Environmental Conservation at or (802) 828-1556.